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Your Ultimate Guide When Moving With Animals

Moving with animals can be more stressful than simply moving by yourself or with your family alone. Aside from the extra and tedious tasks, the state of your pet is also another priority in which you need to consider.

But since our pets are family, it is important to take the proper measures when moving with them. So, to help ease the burden on you, here are six tips from your friends at Self Move Hire when moving with animals.

  1. Make Time To Prepare Them

Just like how you would like to have more time in preparation for your move, your pets need that time too. While you might be able to handle the pressure of being in a whole new place in such short notice, your pets are likely to feel otherwise. Animals generally tend to get anxious in a new environment, and the unfortunate truth is that it is almost impossible to understand how they truly feel.

To avoid such instances, take the time to prepare your pet for the move. If you’re moving close by, you can introduce the new place to them before the actual move. Do this a couple of times and make sure to monitor your pet’s actions during these times.

  1. Get Organized

They may be easy to bring along anywhere, but it only takes a few mishaps to realize that it isn’t going to be a walk in the park, especially if you didn’t take the time to get things organized for them. Along with preparing them, you also need to prepare the documents needed for the move. After all, they won’t be able to do it themselves.

Start by creating a checklist to see what needs to be done and so you can track your progress. If you it’s your first time or if you’re moving somewhere far, do some research regarding travel requirements and pet relocation services. Don’t just book a plane ticket for your pet without knowing the rules and restrictions of the airlines. It will be a lot stressful if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

  1. Find A New Vet

If your current vet or animal clinic is too far from your new place, start searching for a new one. Find the most convenient yet reputable one. You can do this easily by searching over the Internet. But if you know a few people in the area, consider asking for their recommendations.

  1. Secure Your Pet’s Records

Before your big move, make sure to get a copy of your pet’s health record from your current vet. Not only will this make the transition into the new clinic easier, but it will also allow you to show proof of your pet’s vaccinations.

  1. Prepare An Essentials Kit

The same way that you need your moving day bag which contains all of your essential items, your pet also needs a kit of their own. And no, do not think about including their things in your luggage. Take a separate tote and fill it with your pet’s necessities including their food, bottled water, bowls, toys, and poop bags.

  1. Keep Them Away From The Move

While you might have introduced the new place to your pet, the chaos during the move is a stressful environment for them. Instead, consider locking them up in a room where they can relax or play.

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Final Word

Having pets is one of the most joyous and rewarding things you can experience in life. Make sure to consider their well-being during a stressful move by following the tips above.

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