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Electric trucks: reducing the impact of city delivery

Until now, when we talked about electric vehicles, we mainly thought about cars. These are developing, and individuals are becoming more and more interested in them. But what about trucks! For many, it’s a vehicle that runs thanks to engine combustion. But do you know there are others? Let explore the benefits of an electric reach truck.

Electric trucks: good for the environment

Electric trucks of different sizes exist and they use electrical energy. The traction chain is adapted to a motor of the electric type as well as to the weight of the chassis. The fuel tank is replaced by batteries that will allow the vehicle to have certain autonomy.

The advantages of electric trucks

They can be used to transport goods, but it is also possible to adapt vehicles such as garbage trucks. These trucks have various advantages. You do not have to worry about the price of gas, and your vehicle is also less noisy. Finally, to choose the electric one is to think about the environment: some cities have already adopted electric garbage trucks!

Hybrid trucks: between electric and thermal

These vehicles are not entirely electric, since they combine thermal propulsion and electric propulsion. The manufacture and maintenance of hybrid trucks is more complex, so the cost of these vehicles is higher. But they can also be a solution to the increase in the price of fuel.

To respond to the problems of urban freight transport, new models of delivery vehicles are appearing on the market today. But their high cost remains a brake on their development.

To reduce nuisances related to urban deliveries (air pollution and noise), new models of commercial vehicles and trucks appear on the market. NGV (natural gas for vehicles), hybrid or 100% electric engines are among the proposed solutions. But these alternatives remain marginal today. Regulatory incentivesor financial incentives seem necessary to make this new market take off.

Growing popularity of Electric reach trucks

The developed electric truck is equipped with a small battery – its power is only 5 kW. It can travel a little more than three kilometers. The energy generated on the descent and during braking does not charge the battery, but returns through the pantograph back to the mains. There is also a low-power diesel engine, which, if necessary, can serve as a generator.The most demanded operation of trucks will be in busy interurban corridors, for example, in the port areas. This explains the intention of the developers to conduct the following tests in the country, whose port receives thousands of ships annually.

The only drawback of electric trucks is the wires. Their interlacing in cities with developed tram and trolleybus traffic reminds an ugly web and strongly spoils the landscape. However, the benefits of the project outweigh this negative factor.

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