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Best Family Camping Destinations Near Sydney

Looking for a fun getaway with the whole family? There are a lot of places to that everyone can get enjoyment out of and camping is one of them. Get the portable awnings ready and bring out the walkie-talkies, here are the best destinations for camping around Sydney.

1. Calmsley Hill City Farm 

You can find Calmsley Hill City Farm about 40 minutes from Sydney. There are a petting zoo and a vast campsite to set up camp. It’s an educational trip with both ends of the age spectrum finding things to enjoy all over the place.

2. Seal Rocks 

More famous for its surfing and fishing village, Seal Rocks is also a destination for campers all around the area. It’s about 3 hours away which makes the change of scenery quite felt. You can spend your early mornings walking around the relatively calm beachside, the afternoon diving and the evening relaxing as you observe the lighthouse at Sugarloaf Point.

3. Euroka Campground 

South of Glenbrook, this habitat of endangered animals is open to campers. There are a lot of spots where you can set up your tent with over 5 sections to choose from. Barbecues, picnic tables, and toilets are available as well so all you have to do is bring the portable awnings.

4. Bouddi National Park 

If a beachside campsite is what you’re looking for, the Bouddi National Park has three of them to choose from. Facilities are provided along with options to fish and swim. The area is also very beginner-friendly for campers. There aren’t any obstacles to the campground which makes it very accessible to those who want to test out the waters for a camping trip.

5. Lake Macquarie 

If you have grown tired of the hustle and bustle of the busy city, Lake Macquarie is only an hour and a half drive away from Sydney. Its lake is complemented by the mountains and beach. You can sail, climb rocks and bushwalk. If you prefer not to bring portable awnings, you can also stay in a cabin.

6. Trial Bay Gaol Campground 

If hiking is on top of your to-do list for your camping trip, Trial Bay Gaol should be your next destination. Hikers and campers find a common ground here while fishers take advantage of the coastline near the rocks to spend the afternoon catching a variety of fish.

7. Glenworth Valley 

A 3,000-acre property located an hour away from Sydney, Glenworth Valley has a vast area that you will surely not be able to cover in just one or two trips. Many families spend multiple trips every year to Glenworth Valley setting up their tent at a different area every time and it’s always a new experience.

8. Royal National Park 

The beautiful Royal National Park doesn’t have the same look twice. It’s always a difference scenery with everywhere that you turn around here. It’s the second oldest national park in the world and is the host of many memories possibly including yours.

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